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 Maybe it has been a long time since you’ve evaluated how your company handles its quality initiatives, or perhaps you know you can do better, but need help identifying process improvements. An internal review of processes can seem like an arduous task but taking the time to identify measurable business improvements will put your company on a path to delivering higher quality products. With a plan in place to improve your quality processes, becoming a more efficient and agile manufacturer is easy. An engineering review is a great way to get started.

How an Engineering Review Works

The goal of an engineering review is to gain an understanding of the general manufacturing and quality challenges faced by your company. Conversations with executives and department managers help to define quality objectives, pain points and strengths. Needs are identified, and quantitative gains are presented in a detailed Engineering Review Summary. An Engineering Review is a low risk investment that often uncovers some impactful opportunities for organizational change.

If your company needs to examine its quality initiatives, an engineering review can help identify some of the following:

A senior level consultant will begin with an on-site visit to survey your quality processes. Information concerning implementation plans will be gathered that can be used to facilitate a future solution deployment if you choose to move forward with new quality software. Major topics that will be covered include ERP/MRP systems interfaces, implementation schedules, product demonstrations, and a review of your current factory systems and processes. The review will consist of two major elements: a review of your business processes, documents and shop floor operations; and a look at the software modules under review as they relate to your defined processes. Firsthand knowledge of your company’s processes will be used to demonstrate how the vendor’s quality software solution can be applied to meet your objectives.

It is important to collect documentation of your quality processes in advance of the consultant’s arrival whenever possible. These documents will be useful in gap identification, module utilization planning, and implementation scheduling/planning. Computerized screen printouts are helpful supplements to existing hard copy documentation. Documents in electronic format are easier to transport and can be used in preparing the Engineering Review Summary.

An Engineering Review will consist of the following activities:

Take the important step of examining your organization’s quality management. . We want you to feel comfortable with the partner you choose for Quality Management, so while we are confident you will discover a TIPQA™ Quality Management software solution can help your business become more efficient, there is absolutely no obligation.

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