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Why is there water pattern in aluminum alloy die casting ?

Release time:2023-10-06

Why is there water pattern in' target='_blank'>aluminum alloy die casting

Aluminum alloy die casting in the process of reproduction more or less will produce some problems, such as sand holes, water marks, I think these problems are not the most important, the most important thing is, how to avoid and solve, we Ustar die casting manufacturers, with 13 years of die casting experience, accumulated experience can be described as very rich, if you need to come to us. Let's analyze why aluminum alloy die casting will produce water stripes.
So there are many reasons for the water pattern, the most common is the mold temperature bottom; Not enough pressure; Too much release agent; The flow channel is not smooth... Etc., how to determine what the specific reason is, let's analyze the reasons for the water pattern of aluminum alloy die casting parts may have the following aspects:

1. Mold temperature is not uniform. During die casting, the mold surface temperature is not uniform enough, so that the molten aluminum alloy forms a flow at different speeds during solidification, resulting in water marks.
2. Unreasonable die casting process parameters. For example, parameters such as die-casting pressure, speed, and temperature are set in line with the current situation, which will lead to poor flow of aluminum alloy, uneven solidification, and cause water patterns.
3. High oxide content in metal liquid. In the melting process of aluminum alloy, if there is the formation and accumulation of oxides, it will lead to the surface of aluminum alloy water.
4. Mold surface roughness is large. If the surface of the mold is not precise enough and it is very rough, the bubbles and oxide skins on the surface of the aluminum alloy will be fixed on the surface of the aluminum alloy, resulting in the appearance of water lines .
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