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How can die casting plants prevent die cracking

Release time:2023-10-21


How can die casting plants prevent die crackin

Many die casting mold production enterprises in the die casting mold production process often encounter die casting mold cracking, how to avoid this situation, the following to introduce the die casting mold should be how to avoid cracking problem.
In order to prevent the crack problem of the die casting die and improve the service life of the die, a die casting die forming part, such as moving, setting the die, core heat treatment requirements: hardness to ensure HRC43 ~ 48, the material is SKD61 or 8407.
Before mold production should be fully warmed up action, its role is as follows:
1, the die casting mold should be able to achieve a better heat balance, so that the solidification speed of the die casting mold is more uniform, which is conducive to the transfer of pressure;
2, maintain effective fluidity, fill the die casting mold in the die casting has good formability and improve the surface quality of high pressure castings;
3, reduce poor pre-production and correspondingly improve the productivity of die casting parts;
4, reduce the thermal alternating stress of die casting mold, lose wax casting, improve the life of the mold.
In the face of great pressure in the die casting mold, attention must be paid to the alternate use of the mold to obtain from the mold material, design, processing, heat treatment and operating life of the mold, if needed to improve the service life, so that the mold can achieve:
1, choose higher quality die casting mold materials;
2, need to reasonably design the wall thickness of the mold and the size of the mold;
3, pay attention to the stress tempering after rough processing;
4, the use of correct heat treatment, quenching fast enough;
5, thorough grinding to remove EDM harassment quality layer;
6, the surface is not highly polished
7, minimize the use of aluminum, speed up the injection speed;
8. To ensure proper cooling of the mold, the temperature of the cooling water must be maintained at 40 to 50 ° C;
9, in the temporary shutdown, you can try to shape and reduce the cooling water, to avoid the boot when the die casting mold withstand thermal shock;
10, at the high temperature of the model surface, the coolant should be turned off
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