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The difference between foundry aluminum alloy and die-cast aluminum alloy

Release time:2023-10-12

The difference between foundry' target='_blank'>aluminum alloy and die-cast' target='_blank'>aluminum alloy

At present, there are many kinds of processes for casting aluminum alloy parts, and the most used are two kinds of aluminum alloy and die-cast aluminum alloy, so what is the difference between the two processes?
Sanding aluminum alloy multi-purpose wood mold sand, melt metal after direct injection, by metal fluidity filled with wood mold sand cavity, cooling products, suitable for low precision and thick mechanical parts.

Die-casting aluminum alloy multi-purpose metal mold, with a special aluminum alloy die-casting machine, the melted metal liquid into the mold will have a pressure holding process. The surface of the products produced is good, and complex precision parts can be cast.
The surface of the sand aluminum alloy is granular, which is relatively rough, and the die-cast aluminum alloy is relatively fine and has a very high-grade feeling. At present, I personally feel that the parts made of die-casting aluminum alloy will be better, but the production cost will be higher, it can be said that die-casting aluminum alloy is several grades higher than foundry aluminum alloy. Like what balcony guardrail or wall fence can be made of sanded aluminum alloy, because this is not particularly important and does not require appearance. Die casting aluminum alloy is suitable for industrial electronic products, mobile phone accessories, mechanical parts, digital product shells, etc. The accessories produced are beautiful in appearance, lightweight, and scientific and technological, so most aluminum alloy parts are made using die casting process.
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