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What is the shrinkage rate of foundry, gravity casting and investment casting products?

Release time:2023-10-12
When we start to make molds, products need to shrink, different products shrink will have certain differences, such as thin products, large products will encounter, so there is no absolute standard shrinkage rate, but there will be a range.

1. Foundry cast iron: the shrinkage of general gray iron is 0.9-1%, and the shrinkage rate of ductile iron is 0.7-0.8%.
2. Gravity casting' target='_blank'>aluminum: gravity casting is generally cast aluminum parts, and the shrinkage is basically 0.6-0.7%.
3. Investment casting stainless steel: investment casting is also called investment casting (wax casting), its shrinkage is related to the wax used by the company, and the general shrinkage range is 2.4-2.8%.
The above several casting methods, because some cast iron parts, some cast steel parts and cast aluminum parts, shrinkage is naturally different, as long as the shrinkage rate is good, in order to cast a good product.
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