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Precautions for aluminum alloy die-casting and storage

Release time:2023-10-19

Precautions for' target='_blank'>aluminum alloy die-casting and storage

Die casting mold is an important tool for the production of die casting, due to the particularity of die casting process, die casting mold needs a long time in the cold heat, high pressure environment continuous work, thermal fatigue is the fundamental factor affecting the life of die casting mold, so the temperature is very important for die casting mold factory, the need for staff attention.
Aluminum alloy die casting products are mainly used in electronics, automobiles, motors and some communication industries, so more attention should be paid to the production process.

Aluminum alloy die casting in die casting should pay attention to:
1, consider the problem of demoulding;
2, considering the thickness of aluminum alloy die-casting wall, the thickness gap is too large to affect the filling;
3, in the structure as far as possible to avoid the appearance of the structure that leads to the complex mold structure, have to use multiple core-pulling or spiral core-pulling;
4, some die casting appearance may have special requirements, such as oil injection;
5, the design takes into account the mold problem, if there are multiple directions of the core pulling position, try to put both ends, it is better not to pull the core in the lower position, so that the core pulling under the aluminum alloy die-casting for a long time will cause problems.

Aluminum alloy die casting in storage should pay attention to:
1, avoid direct sunlight, aluminum is a kind of vivid metal, if it is in contact with a certain temperature, it is easy to oxidation;
2. Aluminum alloy die casting is placed in a specific orientation to ensure that the aluminum alloy die casting is intact and no other changes occur;
3, aluminum alloy die casting storage can not be in contact with water, once in contact with water is easy to turn black;
4, aluminum alloy die casting stored in a ventilated, dry environment;
5, avoid aluminum alloy die casting parts and other chemical elements contact.
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